Meaning of dream: Itch

Dream Itch

Something just below the surface of your consciousness is troubling you and asking you to notice it.
The challenge with interpreting a dream with an itch in it is that the itch itself will not tell you whether it is a good idea to scratch it or not.
An itch can be the persistent underlying thoughts that, if you dive more deeply into them, will result in pain and suffering, like addictive tendencies or other persistent anxieties.
At the same time, an itch could be asking you to go a little bit deeper in your consideration to see why something may be bothering you, the solution to which may be just under the surface.
The source or cause of the itch is important to consider.
An itch emanating from a wound is usually in a healing process.
This might mean that resentments or unspoken thoughts about a recent emotional battle have left potential scars.
An itch that spreads a toxin, such as poison ivy, would represent the addictive quality of what happens when you open the door to harmless satisfaction only to find the challenging compulsion to repeat harmful behavior.
An itch in a socially sensitive area, such as the genitals, connects to thoughts and desires that are private, secret, and sexual in nature.