Meaning of dream: Internet

Dream Internet

The emergence of the Internet has radically changed the way we interact with the world in which we live.
Through it, people can interact with others of like mind and connect with information and ideas that are shared by multitudes.
In this way, the Internet is an exact symbolic representation of the collective consciousness of human beings today.
The speed with which it has evolved is alarming, and it has created a global culture faster than our ability to comprehend the rules that govern it.
A dream that features the Internet as a prominent image is inviting you to investigate your personal relationship with the overwhelming changes that have taken place in our world over the past two decades.
If you are Internet-savvy in life and are logged on in your dream, you may not find this a particularly powerful image; therefore, consider this symbol as representing expanded and accelerated thinking.
However, if you are someone who harbors resistance to the Internet, its appearance in a dream is inviting you to look into areas of your life that are overwhelming or moving too fast for your comfort.
In this way, the Internet would be a symbolic depiction of anxiety or chaotic thoughts.
If the dream has you utilizing the Internet as a tool, you may want to look at areas in your life that are requiring a higher level of functioning or thought processes.