Meaning of dream: Intercourse

Dream Intercourse

You are dreaming of the joining together of personality character aspects, of integration.
The essence of sexual intercourse is the joining of two individuals in a process that allows them to be as close to each other as the human body will allow.
This translates into the concept of integration as the symbolic meaning of sex.
Additionally, the potential for this act to result in the creation of a third entity reinforces this definition.
If you remove all sense of eroticism, embarrassment, shame, or titillation, the purity of this symbol is profound.
Any characters that appear in a dream engaged in sexual intercourse are expressing an unconscious desire to merge the character aspects of personality of the individuals involved.
If you are participating in sex in a dream, the focus of your investigation will be on your dream partner.
The character aspects that person represents are the qualities that your unconscious is expressing a need to integrate into your present level of functioning.
These qualities will be easier to identify when you know the person from your waking life; however, this can also be the very element that makes examining such a dream uncomfortable.
It is common to dream of having sex with people with whom you would never ordinarily do so or even think of doing so, such as co-workers, family members, or acquaintances.
When using the character-aspect technique in relation to sex dreams, you must add to your interpretation an element of transformation of the qualities that you identify.
The process is not literal or concrete.