Meaning of dream: Gun

Dream Gun

This is symbolic of the desire to exert power over others.
Whoever has the gun is in charge.
Connected to the masculine principle, the gun represents male-oriented power in an extreme form.
The masculine principle is related to action and the ability to make things happen.
A gun of any type connects to this universal energy, but with an intensity that indicates a lack of balance or containment.
While the presence of a gun may imply a sense of control in a chaotic situation, its deadly and unpredictable nature implies a breakdown of stability and the potential for lethal danger.
The type of firearm is important to consider, as this indicates the amount of power being yielded.
A handgun relates directly to personal power and should be interpreted as what is available to you as an individual.
Something with more firepower, such as an automatic weapon, relates to the ability to express strength on a more social level.
The proximity of the gun in a dream indicates where the power currently resides.
Holding the gun puts the dreamer in a position of ownership, but the level of confidence (or lack thereof) should be noted.
Having a gun aimed at you indicates that some character aspect of your personality is demanding to be heard and dealt with.
If this is the case, your interpretation needs to include working with whoever yielded the gun in your dream.
Brandishing a weapon could indicate a need to be seen as powerful in some area of your life.
A hidden or concealed gun indicates elusive power that is felt though not flaunted.