Meaning of dream: Gorilla

Dream Gorilla

You may be engaged in a struggle for leadership or domination. Animals represent the instinctual part of our nature.
Gorillas are pack animals that live in communities led by a dominant alpha male, which is usually the biggest and strongest of the clan.
The media has perpetuated an image of the chest-beating ape that reinforces this collective view of masculine and aggressive behavior.
Initially, any interpretation of a gorilla in a dream is likely to be viewed from this perspective, representing instincts of competition, aggression, and the need for domination. The fearsome outburst associated with an angry gorilla is, in reality, a posturing meant to establish leadership or a reaction to being disturbed.
Consider that an appearance of a gorilla in a dream may point to rage that is more a facade than genuine anger.
This can reflect a moment when your reaction is greater than the situation merits.
A gorilla in a cage might indicate feelings connected to feeling imprisoned, such as underlying aggression that is keeping you stuck in issues of anger management.
A gorilla on the loose might point to the unsettling consequences of expressing previously locked-up emotions.
Facing a gorilla in a dream might indicate some readiness to confront your aggressive impulses or receive the expressions of anger from someone in your life.