Meaning of dream: Gloves

Dream Gloves

Gloves both protect and hide your hands, so they connect with your talents, abilities, skills, and expressiveness.
This can be deliberate or imposed, helpful or limiting.
The type of gloves and how they appear in the dream will give you clues for an accurate interpretation.
Because we gesture with our hands, a dream about gloves may connect to the part of communication that is beyond our words and part of our body language.
Gloves represent the various masks we wear in our communication to present that which we want to while hiding our true skins underneath.
Sexy, tight-fitting gloves connect to subtle elements of seduction.
Work gloves might help you find areas in your life where you feel you have to work hard to conceal your true meaning.
Lace gloves evoke delicate communication that is only thinly veiled or is hiding the authentic meaning.
Boxing gloves point to a fight brewing from a challenge in your life.
They might also be inhibiting your communication because of guardedness—hands inside of boxing gloves may be ready to fight, but they can’t be very gentle or expressive. Mittens may connect to a need or desire to be more comfortable, but at the loss of the same expressiveness or effectiveness.
Long gloves up the arms connect to the extensiveness of the hidden issues or the seduction at hand.
Rubber gloves may be about projecting underlying messages of more serious vulnerability to communication that is toxic.