Meaning of dream: Ghost

Dream Ghost

You are dreaming of the memory or imprint of a former idea, concept, or person.
A ghost is defined as a remnant of a person’s energy that remains connected to the physical world after he or she has died.
Some metaphysicians theorize that a spirit can be stuck here due to unfinished business or an untimely death.
There are scientists who explore the possibility of ghosts as bumps in the electromagnetic field of energy that can sometimes be perceived by people who are living.
No matter what camp you fall into, a ghost is symbolic of something from your past that continues to have a presence in your consciousness long after the event or person that inspired it has passed.
This can include memories, habitual patterns, and even obsessions.
If the ghost is someone you know who is not actually dead, use the character aspect technique to discover what qualities are traits that you have let go of but that may still arise in your behavior or thought patterns from time to time.
Someone who has actually passed away can be considered in the same fashion, but might represent the impact he or she had on you in life, whether positive or negative.
This image in a dream could point to a need to face the ghosts of your past in the form of old choices and behaviors that still haunt you with regret.