Meaning of dream: Garden

Dream Garden

You are dreaming of abundance, prosperity, and your ability to create structure and the boundaries of self-care and nurturance.
A garden is a planned, deliberate construct that creates growth in a confined area.
Whether the growth is for beauty or consumption, it represents the feminine principles of creativity and nurturing.
The structure and boundaries of the garden are the expression of the masculine principle in action.
In this way, gardens are a microcosm of the act of creation itself.
The act of gardening is often reported to produce significant levels of serenity, relaxation, and pleasure for the enthusiast.
In a dream, a garden may represent a need or desire to produce an atmosphere of peace, abundance, or nurturance in your life.
The type of garden, the state it is in, and what you are doing in relation to it reflect what area is being expressed and your current ability to be effective in it.