Meaning of dream: Garage

Dream Garage

This is a symbol for a temporary stopping point in your journey with the anticipation of movement in life.
The primary purpose of a garage is to keep one’s car safe and protected when not in use.
The car is symbolic of how we maneuver through our lives.
When a garage is prominent in a dream, some element of how you are moving forward (or not) is being expressed.
The essence of a garage connects to being prepared to move out into the world.
If the garage is a private one that is part of a home, then you must use the symbolic sensibility and apply it to your private life.
A public garage indicates that the dream is reflecting issues that center around your social experience.
Since there are many cars being stored in such a setting, it reflects a significant number of choices available to you.
Being unable to locate your car in a garage is indicative of being temporarily stuck in some area of your life.
Ask yourself where you would like to be heading and what you have to do to prepare yourself for the journey.