Meaning of dream: Funeral

Dream Funeral

Because a funeral is an acknowledgement of death, dreaming of attending one is a sign of our need to accept death or an ending of some kind.
It may be a loss of part of your life, your beliefs, or your relationship that you need to come to terms with in order to move on.
A funeral allows mourning to take place, and this is a healthy response to a painful loss.
If you dream of the funeral of a parent, it may suggest that you are cutting the umbilical cord and becoming independent.
Dreaming of your own funeral is a common dream that symbolises a feeling of ‘deadness’ in your life and a wish to make the most of life while you still have it.
It also indicates leaving the old self behind.
Dreaming of someone else’s funeral may be a sign that you wish that they were dead—a reflection of a fantasy that you engage with during your waking hours.