Meaning of dream: Forest

Dream Forest

In fairy tales, there is always a fear of the hero or heroine being lost in the forest.
As a result, the image of the forest as a place of hiding, of loss and of dangerous encounters is probably imprinted on our memories from childhood.
In the forest also live witches, ogres, trolls, fairies, elves, and wood people: in other words, the positive and negative forces in our lives.
In psychological terms, a forest is a symbol of testing and of coming to terms with our own true natures.
The trees may obscure our way (‘can’t see the forest for the trees’); that is, represent narrow-mindedness or old patterns of thought.
On the other hand, the trees are part of the nature that makes up the forest and each of us must come to terms with his or
her nature.
If the forest is covered in dead leaves, it may mean that a situation or a relationship has come to an end.