Meaning of dream: Food

Dream Food

Food is a symbol of nourishment for the body, the mind and the soul. If you dream of eating food, it means that you are satisfying some craving or desire for nourishment. Different foods represent various needs that we crave at different times.
Bread is a staple food and represents our basic needs.
Cake is a symbol of decadence and sensuality, particularly if it is filled with cream and other tempting dressings such as chocolate.
Ham/Cured meats These represent our need for preservation.
Meals around a table with others indicate sociability and a feeling of belonging.
Meat is associated with flesh and as such is a symbol of physical gratification.
Milk: A human’s first food, milk represents infant needs or the nurturing of oneself.
Onions are multi-layered and can often represent parts of ourselves.
Like cakes, sweets represent indulgence and a craving for what is normally regarded as temptation.
Vegetables: These are basic foods┬Śnecessary for good health, but not always craved.
Like bread, vegetables form part of a staple diet and, despite some blandness, they are important to maintaining our health.