Meaning of dream: Flowers

Dream Flowers

Flowers represent beauty and pleasure. To be given a bouquet is to feel rewarded and appreciated. It is also a token of love and tenderness, as well having sexual significance—the genitals resembling the shape of specific flowers.
In Christian symbolism, living flowers are a representation of immortality, whereas cut flowers are associated with death. Traditionally, each individual flower had a special significance in dreams.
Some of these meanings are still associated with specific flowers, depending on the dreamer’s cultural, spiritual and geographical background.
Bluebell These flowers suggest arguments erupting in your household.
Buttercup Buttercups are about taking stock of your financial affairs. They are rich, golden flowers that are often associated with childhood and plenty.
Carnation Carnations are flowers of passion and were once traditional buttonhole flowers for men.
Chrysanthemum White chrysanthemums are associated with loss. This could be because, in the northern hemisphere, these autumn flowers come out around All Souls’ Day in November, a time when people visit their departed loved ones in cemeteries.
Clover This is a fortunate omen if it has four leaves, but if there are three it means that someone will ask you for money.
Daffodil Daffodils are flowers you give someone to mend a friendship. These flowers suggest plenty, optimism and emotional well-being. Because of their associations with spring, they can also be a symbol of new beginnings or a fresh start in life.
Daisy Dreaming of daisies signals emotional openness or simplicity. This dream can also be associated with a young or naive person as fresh as a daisy.
Forget-me-not This flower is just the opposite of its name. It means that your partner cannot fulfil your emotional needs.
Iris Irises are an indication that good news is to come.
Lily Lilies are a symbol of chastity and innocence. Water lilies grow from mud, through water and then reach for the light. They are a symbol of our regeneration and purification.
Lotus Lotus flowers represent new life and immortality. The ancient Egyptians copied this flower profusely in paintings and held it in high regard for its healing properties.
Marigold These are happy flowers once thought to break the power of enchantment.
Mistletoe This is*a romantic plant and reminds you to be attentive to your lover.
Myrtle Myrtle is a flower of happiness and tranquillity.
Peony Peonies are about the dangers of self-restraint. Let yourself go.
Poppy This is the flower that symbolises memories of war; its bright red colour reminding us of the futility of bloodshed.
Primrose Primroses are a symbol of new friendship.
Rose Roses represent love and femininity.