Meaning of dream: Fish – Fishing

Dream Fish-Fishing

The fish symbol was adopted by the early Christians to represent Christ and the Church.
In a more general sense, when we dream of fish, we are getting in touch with our deeper selves and our search for a higher self or spirituality.
For the Chinese, fish are a symbol of financial gain, while the image of two fish going in the opposite direction represents the astrological sign of Pisces. Consider why this dream appears at this stage in your life.
Perhaps you are looking deeper— fishing around —for something? Catching a fish may indicate that you will achieve success a big catch.
Alternatively, you may be feeling as if you are living in a fishbowl, open to criticism for all to see. Perhaps you are a big fish in a small pond and you need to expand your horizons.
A cold fish is unfeeling and something that smells fishy suggests that not everything is as it seems. Pay attention to the fish in your dream and monitor your reactions to this symbol.