Meaning of dream: Fire

Dream Fire

Fire is associated with life and passion and is one of the four elements of the twelve horoscope signs (air, water and earth being the other three).
Fire is a good friend when it warms us, but if we get too close we get burnt.
It’s a symbol of regeneration, so dreaming of fire may indicate that you are entering a period of renewal and painful reflection.
More negatively, fire can suggest anger, resentment and destruction.
Burning with desire, and other such idioms refer to the effect of fire on our desires and sexuality.
The dream may suggest that you need more vitality and passion in your life.
To dream of being burnt alive may express frustration at not being able to handle a new stage in life or new circumstances (too hot to handle).
Baptism by fire means coming to a new awareness of ourselves.
If you dream of fighting a fire, you may want to cool or put out fiery passions.
A fireplace symbolises contentment in the home but any fire that is out of control indicates extreme, uncontrollable passions that are potentially destructive and overwhelming.
Seeing a fire engine or being a fireman in your dream is a sign that you are in control of explosive emotions.