Meaning of dream: Feather

Dream Feather

There are many interpretations of feathers in a dream, just as there are many sayings in which feathers occur—’a feather in your cap; birds of a feather flock together; feather your nest; as light as a feather.
Generally, when we think of feathers, we think of softness and lightness.
As a result the dream may be suggesting that using a softer approach to a situation may be a better method for achieving your end.
Feathers also represent flight and the freedom often associated with birds.
We may want to soar and fly like a bird, a desire that may be more a reflection of a spiritual than a physical need.
The meanings associated with feathers have also changed over time, as feathers are no longer used as decorative items for the hats and boas of the past century.
Dreaming of feathers was once considered a good omen that meant that one’s social standing was about to improve.