Meaning of dream: Family

Dream Family

We spend our formative years with our family and that means that our attitudes, values and opinions are based on what we were taught.
Whether or not we go against these values, our pattern of behaviour is moulded on what was displayed in our family unit.
The absence of a mother or father is an important issue that often traumatises individuals. However, dreaming that your parents are dead or are absent in a family reunion could indicate that you have gained independence and are no longer reliant on their dominant role.
Children or siblings in dreams often represent aspects of ourselves. A helpless child or sibling in danger of drowning is really a symbol of the part of you that is in need of help.
A father usually represents authority while a mother stands for relationships and the nurturing part of you.
Grandparents are a symbol of wisdom and family traditions while relatives suggest your value systems.
It may well be that the family member you are dreaming of actually represents that person.
However, if you dream of conflict in the family, it may be a reflection of conflict within different parts of yourself. Take note of the emotions that arise in the dream.