Meaning of dream: Falling

Dream Falling

This is one of the most common dreams and one that we all have at some stage in our lives, usually at a time when we are feeling insecure and lacking in confidence. It is a typical
anxiety dream that suggests our sense that we have no control. It has been interpreted as a dream of sexual surrender, where the fall and landing symbolise sexual intercourse.
It also stands for the fear of failing—whether through falling into temptation, falling from grace or letting ourselves and other people down. Falling is also associated with isolation and the need to feel supported, especially if the dreamer is feeling misunderstood or not accepted for who he or she is.
Going to the edge and falling could be a warning that you are overworked or that you’ve set yourself such high standards that you are likely to fail. Dreaming of another person falling suggests your wish to be rid of them in your waking life. To see a house falling down suggests that you are struggling to let go of old attitudes and beliefs.
If you witness something fall, you may be concerned about a potential danger.
Many people dream of falling and wake up before hitting the ground. Others fall and land—usually they are still alive in the dream and have felt no pain through their fall, despite their injuries. If you fall without hurting yourself, you will have minor struggles with your problem.
If you are hurt, it will take you longer to build up the strength to face your fear and deal with it. On the more positive side, the dream may be giving you some good advice—to let go of old negative habits or dogmatic beliefs and enjoy life more.