Meaning of dream: Failure

Dream Failure

This is a universal dream, which usually expresses a fear or inadequacy that the dreamer is unable to admit or face in his or her waking life.
Like the examination dream, dreams of failure are to do with competitiveness and comparison.
You may be feeling that whatever you’re striving for in your life seems to be unachievable or impossible.
This, however, is only a reflection of your fears.
A perfectionist, for example, always feels below standard.
The dream may be indicating that if you tackle your problem differently, you will eventually succeed.
If the dream relates more to things ‘failing’, such as lights that won’t work or a car that won’t start, it may suggest that you need to take more control of situations and not allow external factors to overpower you.
This may also be a warning that you are unprepared, and have not taken the
necessary steps to succeed in waking life. If you heed the warning you should be able to begin to rectify the situation.
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