Meaning of dream: Colours

Most dreams are in colour, although we are not aware of this because we may find it difficult to remember our dreams or because the colour is taken for granted—that is, the colour looks normal!
Colours also have archetypal meanings, derived from ancient times and from various cultures. They can communicate emotion or states of energy. If the colour is unusual, this means it is there to draw your attention. If there are two or more clashing colours, these could denote aspects of your life that are out of balance or harmony. Therefore, you should take particular note if this shows up in a dream.
Black Black is devoid of all colour and light. It is not an actual colour but a shade, and can signal the need to explore the darker or deeper side of your nature—your subconscious mind. The blackness can represent depression or even death—not necessarily of a person, but of an idea, an aspiration, or a phase of your life. In olden times it was thought to represent the underworld, a deep space away from God where a person was said to be hiding.
If you dream in this colour, it is a good idea to ask yourself if there is anything lacking warmth or colour in your life, or whether you are hiding something.
In general, the colour black in dreams suggests uncertainty about an aspect of yourself or your situation. At its most serious, it can signify grief or mourning; that something has or is about to end. It can also suggest aspects of yourself which are undeveloped or hidden. This dream is positive if you use it as the basis for thinking about your own development.
Blue Blue can be both a soothing colour and one that suggests depression or sadness. Either way, it is associated with spiritual insight or wisdom. If a person is wearing blue in your dream it suggests that he or she has something intelligent, spiritual or truthful to communicate. You should listen carefully to these words, as they are likely to be valuable and to give you insight into your life.
Brown Murky colours like brown tend to be associated with confusion or anxiety. To dream in these colours can also signal depression. Brown is an earthy colour and depending on the dream can represent the stability and nourishment of the soil. The earth can either sustain in a positive way or be hostile and ‘bog’ you down in a muddy hole.
Gold Gold is typically associated with wealth and royalty (gold crowns) as well as the masculine element. In ancient cultures it represented the sun and a higher knowing. Dreaming of gold colours can mean that one is ambitious in accumulating wealth or that one has a ‘golden opportunity’ for knowledge and power.
Green This is the colour of nature and renewal. It can represent spring: the season of new beginnings. Harmony and nurturing are part of this season. This can translate to your own life, where new ideas that have been germinating are now suddenly sprouting and taking off.
Orange This is a spiritual colour in Eastern religions. This bright colour enhances one’s feelings of inner peace and stimulates creativity.
Purple Royalty, priests and people of rank have worn this colour throughout history. It was considered a unique colour, rich in texture and shade. When dreaming of this colour, you may be aiming to succeed in your job or be in search of esteem and authority.
Red Red is the colour of fire and passion. It is also a symbol of masculinity. Depending on the rest of the dream, red can suggest aggression, danger, violence, blood, conflict or anger. Red screams out to be noticed and as such we need to heed the warning.
Silver Silver is the feminine equivalent of the masculine gold (the sun). It is associated with goddesses, queens and the moon. The colour silver represents magic, psychic ability and spirituality.
White Purity, birth, joy and enlightenment are all represented by the colour white. In cultures where white is worn at a funeral, white is seen as a new beginning rather than the end. Blinding white or bareness, however, can represent a lack of colour or activity in your life. Like black, white is devoid of colour. You need to make sure that you have balance in your life.
Yellow This is the most cheerful colour of all. It is the colour of the sun and seen as a positive colour that is associated with fertility and life. Wearing yellow can suggest intellect and creativity.