Meaning of dream: Boat

Of all modes of transport, boats are one of the most suggestive. Perhaps this is because they carry us through water, a symbol of the emotions. The boat in your dream may be a symbol of your hopes and fears for the immediate future.
Pay attention to the water surrounding you in your dream. Is it still and reflective, or are you buffeted by storms, or even afraid of falling overboard and being drowned?
These details may be forecasting the emotional weather you are currently experiencing in your journey through life.
If the boat is drifting it may be a sign that you worry about not being in control of your life. If it is in danger of capsizing, you may need to act decisively to avoid a bad situation.
To dream of a boat is also symbolic of significant emotional change from negative to more positive emotion, particularly if the boat is moving through calm waters.
If the weather and water are stormy then it’s a warning of conflict or emotional turmoil to come.