Meaning of dream: Banknotes

A dream with banknotes in it could be about your financial situation, but it could equally be about your creative or emotional life.
If you’re giving the banknotes away, it’s probably a sign that you’re feeling good about your current situation and the people around you.
But if you’re standing in front of a shop window full of beautiful things and your wallet is empty it’s more likely that you feel unsatisfied in your waking life.
It’s a good omen if someone in your dream is giving you money.
But if you’re borrowing money, then watch out that you’re not over-extending your financial or emotional capital by getting involved in a dodgy business deal or relationship, or making an extravagant purchase. This could be a sign that you need to slow down and build up your resources.
Giving away banknotes to relatives and friends may express an inner desire to help loved ones in times of financial troubles.
This is a feel-good dream.