Meaning of dream: Aeroplane

An aeroplane indicates a swift journey, transporting you from one location to another.
If you fear air travel, dreaming of being a passenger can be pointing you to some fear involved in travel.
Freud regarded flying as a sexual dream—one of wild abandonment and desire for freedom.
If you feel that you have no control over the plane, then it may suggest that there are issues in your life’s journey that need to be addressed.
If you are at ease with flying in a plane, it may indicate that you wish to rise above the rest and find an escape.
A pilot means that you are in control of where your life is heading.
To dream of an aeroplane crash may not be a prophetic dream telling you of what is to come, but it can be a dream that reveals your feeling of helplessness in the face of things beyond your control.
As planes are associated with long distances, the crash may be telling you that there will be a major change in the distant future.