Mars in Virgo

Mars and Mercury are not altogether unfriendly, and certainly Virgo has no such detrimental effect on Mars as we found exerted by Gemini, but the combination is a little cold-blooded. There is a certain passionate chastity about it ; real warmth of heart in the conventional sense appears to be denied. It will be seen that, of all upon our list, though many are great men and women, not one can be called a great lover. This remark applies as much to method as in the preceding sections; it refers to a certain coldness and detachment o action, as if the enthusiasms were not awakened. Yet the will may be extremely strong. The women on our list are almost ostentatiously passionless, and the men hardly less so. In the devotion to a cause, we find two of the greatest women enthusiasts that ever lived, Jeanne d’Arc and Madame Blavatsky. Before adding the name of Anna Kingsford to these, we must anticipate the objection that she boasted of an intensely sensual disposition, but here Virgo is warmed by the Sun, Venus, and Mercury, the first of these being in very close conjunction with Mars. However, there is no trace of eroticism in her work, and it is the actual method of expressing the personality which is denoted by Mars, not the nature of that personality itself. Among men we have Balfour, whose cold intellectualism is at once his charm and his weakness; Kruger, notably the most dexterous and cool politician of his period; Dreyfus, whose detachment made him so unpopular with his men, and thus led to his being accused by his brother officers; Archbishop Laud, whose lack of warmth lost him his friends; William III, most unpopular as a king, owing to his “Dutch coldness”; and Louis XVI, whose lack of sympathy with the needs of his people caused his downfall. Finally, we have two of the greatest conquerors that the world has known: Alexander the Great, and Napoleon Bonaparte. Both of these owed their greatness very largely to this power of detachment in their method; both, however keenly interested in a matter, were able to view it and treat it as if it hardly concerned them; and this is the chief virtue of Mars in Virgo.

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