Mars in Scorpio

Althought Mars is in his own house, he cannot be called strong for good. We have noticed that Aries did not bring out the highest qualities of Mars; Scorpio brings out his worst. Mars is the most unbalanced of the planets; the one most in need of restriction or direction. Almost any influence but his own touches his fire to rationality, generosity, or grace. But Scorpio, while in some ways the most powerful of the signs, may be described as snake-tempered; and in it he easily becomes bloodthirsty. It is even amusing to note how one of the gentlest spirits that ever dwelt within the human form, Robert Louis Stevenson, is often in method outrageous almost beyond the “penny dreadful”. In “Treasure Island,” coldblooded murderers tumble over each other’s heels, in circumstances of unparalleled atrocity. Who, without the help of Mars in Scorpio, could have invented Long John Silver, hopping after his comrade and braining him with his crutch, or the attempt, in “The Ebb-Tide”, of Hurst to throw vitriol over Atwater, and the breaking of the bottle in his hand by the ready rifle of the pearler?
There is a complete lack of adaptability in this position of Mars ; it is sometimes replaced by treacherous cunning; but, as a general rule, the method of the native tends to be blind and brutal. The anarchist Vaillant may be cited as an illustration. Such extreme cases are fortunately rare and imply bad aspects. In this particular instance. Mars has the sextiles of Jupiter and Saturn, which make him effective, but his quality is deteriorated by the square of Venus. The violence of Mrs. Pankhurst, again, is undoubtedly due to this position, for Mars is not otherwise afflicted. On the contrary, he is helped by a sextile of the Moon and trines of Neptune and the Sun. Her undoubted nobility of character and the altruism of her violent action indicate the vision conferred by the trines of Neptune and the Sun which the sextile of the Moon directs toward the masses of women.
Miss Frances E. Willard may be advantageously compared with Mrs. Pankhurst. Mercury is sextile to Mars, Jupiter semi-sextile ; and the complex is important, Sagittarius being the rising sign and Mars only six degrees above the Eastern Horizon. Hers is a far more rational and effective method than that of the later suffragist. Mme. Patti has Mars trined by Uranus, and squared by the Sun and Neptune in conjunction, which appears an extremely advantageous disposition.
Sir Richard Quain has the Sun, Lord of the Ascendant, in conjunction with Mars, and Venus and are semisextile. These aspects go far to minimize the effect of Scorpio. Henry VI of England is another example of the unfortunate influence which this sign exerts on Mars. He has the softening trine of Neptune exact, and only the slight help of a semi-sextile of the Sun.

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