Mars in Libra

In Libra, Mars is in his detriment; but he is not so weak as might appear from this first consideration. Libra rather tempers his activity with judgment; and, if he be well dignified, he may be as strong here as anywhere. He becomes more effective through being more controlled. But, in every case we examine, we shall find an excellent quality of direction given to him; just as the explosive force of gunpowder gains in effectiveness by virtue of the very limitation of the barrel of the rifle. Sadi Carnot, for instance, was by no means so ambitious -as Cromwell, who had Mars in Aries ; but he did not need to use the same violence. His method was admirably adjusted to circumstances, and he attained his ends without recourse to undue force. He measured his actions carefully, and there was no lack of power, but at the same time no excess. Felix Faure, with the same position of Mars, gives exactly similar evidence of its action. Shelley had the same quality ; it appears in his work continually. It Is indeed admirable, this harmony of motion which one perceives in his rhythm. If it be contrasted with that of Swinburne, the difference between Leo and Libra will appear quite obvious. Another admirable illustration of the judicial temperament is the method of Sir William Hamilton, dignified, well-considered, convincing. One can hardly say the same of Luther, but in this case Venus and Jupiter are both in conjunction with Mars, tending to over-excitement. Still, Libra’s influence is visible even here; impassioned and intense as Luther was, he never went beyond the bounds of prudence. There are two well-known British statesmen with this position for Mars, Mr. Asquith and Winston Churchill. The same tempered and adroit energy is characteristic of both. Sir Humphrey Davy, too, has this admirably moderated fire. Without violence or controversy, he managed to have his way, owing to the proper control of his energy by his judgment. In the case of Alfred de Musset, one may say, this is not so obvious. There was a good deal of overproduction of energy in his machine, which made for vehemence of expression. But his Mars is powerfully excited by the square of Venus, the semi-sextile of Uranus ; and the sextiles of a conjunction of Sol, Mercury and Saturn make up a formidable complex, to which, however, Mars is not the key, but Saturn. It is a very powerful combination, and the calming influence of Libra is to be thanked for the restraint of his method. This should be contrasted with that of Baudelaire, whose complex key is equally powerful, but who has Mars in Aries. Occasionally it may occur that Libra is too powerful. Much of Bernard Shaw’s apparent inconsistency is due to the fact that he has unrivaled capacity for seeing both sides of every argument with equal clarity, and often sets both together on the same page, or even in the same sentence. And here Mars is very weak, having no particularly close or strong aspects. Libra, therefore modifies his action much more than in the other cases which we have had occasion to consider.

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