Lunar Nodes

Astrologer Robert Hand believes that lunar nodes relate to connections with other people, that is, they are an axis of relationship. In this context, the North Node has a joining quality, while the South Node has a separating quality. In Vedic astrology, both nodes are considered malefic. In Western astrology, the North Node, also known as the Dragon’s Head, is considered a favorable aspect, while the South Node, or the Dragon’s Tail, is considered an equivalent to Saturn.
Another theory relates the nodes to reincarnation. According to this theory, the South Node of the Moon symbolizes our karma, our habits, and the thoughts that are deeply woven into our being, which we inherited from our past lives. We must overcome these habits using our North Node, which represents the areas in which we can make most improvement in this life.
The South Node of the Moon, which symbolizes our karma, indicates the type of behavior that is instinctive and automatic for us: it speaks to our beliefs, and to a constellation of motivations that come to us spontaneously. The North Node represents the point in our past in which we were subjected to the most strain. When we dare to experience it, we open ourselves to a reality that is absolutely exotic and foreign. The nodes push us to our very breaking point.
I don’t like the word karma because it implies a denial of free will. I prefer to think of the South Node as an unconscious disadvantage, since it comes to us from past lives or is something we create over the course of our entire lives. It is one of the things that we must free ourselves of in order to grow. The sign and situation in which the North Node finds itself indicates which area of our lives must experience growth before we can evolve into completely developed spiritual beings during this lifetime.
Sometimes, the nodes seem to have a symbiotic relationship with Saturn. When we find ourselves constrained in the area that Saturn occupies in our chart, we feel obligated to overcome the disadvantages that the South Node has given us and to employ the North Node’s energies. The North Node also represents the sort of person that we are attracted to, while the South Node represents the sort of person we avoid.