Libra Woman – Leo Man

For the woman who enjoys being swept off her feet in a romantic whirlwind fashion, Leo is the sign of love. When the Lion puts his mind to romancing, he doesn’t stint. It’s all wining and dining and dancing till the wee hours of the morning.
Leo is all heart and knows how to make his woman feel like a woman. The girl in constant search of a man she can look up to need go no farther: Leo is ten-feet tall—in spirit if not in stature. He’s a man not only in full control of his faculties but in full control of just about any situation he finds himself in. He’s a winner.
The Leo man may not look like Tarzan, but he knows how to roar and beat his chest if he has to. The woman who has had her fill of weak-kneed men finds in a Leo someone she can at last lean upon. He can support you not only physically but spiritually as well. He’s good at giving advice that pays off.
Leos are direct people. They don’t believe in wasting time or effort. They almost never make unwise investments.
Many Leos rise to the top of their profession. Through example, they often prove to be a source of great inspiration to others.
Although he’s a ladies’ man, the Leo man is very particular about his ladies. His standards are high when it comes to love interests. The idealistic and cultivated Libra should have no trouble keeping her balance on the pedestal the Lion sets her on. Leo believes that romance should be played on a fair give-and-take basis. He won’t stand for any monkey business in a love relationship. It’s all or nothing.
You’ll find him a frank, off-the-shoulder person. He generally says what is on his mind.
If you decide upon a Leo man for a mate, you must be prepared to stand behind him full force. He expects it—and usually deserves it. He’s the head of the house and can handle that position without a hitch. He knows how to go about breadwinning. If he has his way, and most Leos do have their own way, he’ll see to it that you’ll have all the luxuries you crave and the comforts you need.
It’s unlikely that the romance in your marriage will ever die out. Lions need love like flowers need sunshine. They’re ever-amorous and generally expect full attention and affection from their mates. Leos are fond of going out on the town. They love to give parties, as well as go to them.
Leo fathers have a tendency to spoil the children—up to a point. That point is reached when the children become the center of attention, and Leo feels neglected. Then the Leo father becomes strict and insists that his rules be followed. You will have your hands full pampering both your Leo mate and the children. As long as he comes first in your affections, the family will be happy and loving.