Libra: Social Relationships

The Libra man or woman usually makes a good friend because of their even disposition and easygoing ways. Others turn to Libra in time of need. He or she always is able to advise someone in a helpful manner.

Generally, Libra is honest and sincere in their dealings with associates and friends. However, he or she may feel a bit envious if friends have nicer things.

Libras do not enjoy being alone and perhaps this is the reason they are so friendly. They enjoy being popular and well-liked.

They seldom disappoint people who believe in them. All in all, they are quite cooperative and easy to get along with. They can be counted on to do the right thing at all times.

The person born under this sign usually becomes angry rather quickly. However, he quickly gets over it and is willing to kiss and make up within a short time after his explosion.

Whatever he does he will try to avoid hurting someone else’s feelings. He is not cruel or petty. That is not his nature.

The Libra person is a good conversationalist. Often at parties they are the center of attention. People generally have the impression that Libra is well-informed and rather aristocratic. Whenever Libra is upset or disturbed—off balance, so to speak—they try not to let it show.