Libra: Occupation

The Libra man or woman is usually pleasant to work with.They like to cooperate with others. They will not oppose authority unless they feel it is unjust. Libra is flexible. It is not difficult for them to shift from one phase of an operation to another.
Environment may have an uncommonly strong influence on Libra. It may spur him or her on to greater heights or slow them down. Sometimes Libra needs to be inspired by the activities of those working in the immediate vicinity. They will sometimes look at the other fellow to see how he is working before they begin on their own.
Libra likes to work in pleasant surroundings. They abhor filth and disorder. They do what they can to bring about the working conditions best suited to their nature. Libra people are not attracted to work that is likely to be strenuous or untidy.
Libra people make good business partners. They are quite good at making the proper decisions at the right time. The person born under this sign knows how to weigh the pros and cons of an argument or problem. People often turn to Libra to make the right decision. Others find it easy to believe in Libra’s powers of reasoning. They seldom make a wrong move. Libra can always be relied upon to do what is proper.
On the whole Libra is rather moderate or conservative in most things. This stems from their desire to avoid extremes—especially if they are apt to bring about controversy. Secrets are safe with Libra, especially if they might do someone some harm.
The person born under this sign is often quite intelligent. They have the ability to reason well and to analyze. Philosophical argument does not frighten them, and they can hold their own in almost any intellectual debate. They have a talent for objectivity, putting themselves in another’s shoes quite easily. As a mediator Libra is excellent. People born under the sign of the Scales also make good diplomats.
Often called the Lawgiver, the Libra man or woman plays a powerful role as a mediator. In law, Libra can be of service to many, maintaining the peacekeeping and arbitration functions of society. These men and woman make competent judges and lawyers.
Libra can view things calmly and rationally. He or she is not easily swayed by emotions if truth or justice is at stake. Libra wants what is good for everybody concerned. They tend to look at things the way they are. They are not prone to make a mountain out of a molehill. In moments of confusion, Libra’s mind is as clear as a bell.
Because of their natural objectivity, many Libras turn out to be admirable scientists and mathematicians. Also, Libra knows how to criticize without hurting. So these men and women could do well as reviewers of books, plays, films, and art in general.
Most Libras are good in creative matters. Anything to do with art or aesthetics appeals to them most of the time. Some of them make good painters, writers, or musicians. The person under this sign sometimes ignores surges of inspiration when they overcome him for fear of being too self-indulgent. The strong Libra knows how to seize these moments to further creative aims and interests. Some of the greatest painters in the world were born under the sign of Libra.
Because Libra is so good at persuasion, they make invaluable salespeople. They possess so much charm that their customers often buy more than they originally intended. Because of their rare beauty, Libra men and women often do well in the field of modeling or acting.
Libra is capable of spending more money than they actually have. During their lifetime, great sums are apt to come into their hands. They do not care too much about money, though. They are generous to a fault, and find it hard to refuse people who claim they are in need.
Libra usually has expensive tastes. They find it hard to save money. Because they like people and a busy social life, the person born under this sign often spends considerable sums in entertainment. Luxuries are as important to Libra at times as necessities are to someone else.
In spite of their ligh ways with money, Libra is no fool. They know well how to discourage someone who is only interested in them for their finances.