Libra Man Libra Woman

You’ll probably find that the woman born under the sign of Libra is worth more than her weight in gold. She’s a woman after your own heart, your other half in the astrological scheme of things.
With her, you’ll always come first—make no mistake about that. She’ll always be behind you 100 percent, no matter what you do. When you ask her advice about almost anything, you’ll most likely get a very balanced and realistic opinion. She is good at thinking things out and never lets her emotions run away with her when clear logic is called for.
As a homemaker she is hard to beat. She is very concerned with harmony and balance. You can be sure she’ll make your house a joy to live in. She’ll see to it that the house is tastefully furnished and decorated. A Libra cannot stand filth or disarray. Anything that does not radiate harmony runs against her orderly grain.
She is chock-full of charm and womanly ways. She can sweep just about any man off his feet with one winning smile. When it comes to using her brains, she can outthink almost anyone and, sometimes, with half the effort. She is diplomatic enough, though, never to let this become glaringly apparent. She may even turn the conversation around so that you think you were the one who did all the brainwork. She couldn’t care less, really, just as long as you wind up doing what is right.
The Libra woman will put you on a high pedestal. You are her man and her idol. She will share the decision making—large or small—with you, although you both have trouble in this area. She’s not interested in running things, but she will offer her assistance if she feels you need it.
Some find her approach to reason masculine. However, in the areas of love and affection the Libra woman is all woman. She’ll literally shower you with love and kisses during your romance with her. She doesn’t believe in holding out. You shouldn’t either, if you want to hang on to her.
She is the kind of lover who likes to snuggle up to you in front of the fire on chilly autumn nights. She will bring you breakfast in bed Sunday. She’ll be very thoughtful about anything that concerns you. If anyone dares suggest you’re not the grandest guy in the world, she’ll give that person what-for. She’ll defend you till her dying breath. The Libra woman will be everything you want her to be.
The Libra mother is well-balanced and moderate, like you, so together you will create a harmonious household in which young family members can grow up in an environment sensitive to their needs. The Libra mother understands that children need both guidance and encouragement. Her youngsters will never lack for anything that could make their lives easier and richer.