Libra Man Capricorn Woman

If you are not a successful businessman or at least on your way to success, it’s quite possible that a Capricorn woman will have no interest in entering your life. Generally, the Goat is a very security-minded female. She’ll see to it that she invests her time only in sure things.

Men who whittle away their time with one unsuccessful scheme or another seldom attract a Capricorn. But men who are interested in getting somewhere in life and keep their noses close to the grindstone quite often have a Capricorn woman behind them, helping them to get ahead.

Although she can be a social climber, she is not what you could call cruel or hardhearted. Beneath that cool, seemingly calculating exterior there’s a warm and desirable woman. She happens to think that it is just as easy to fall in love with a rich or ambitious man as it is with a poor or lazy one. She’s practical.

The Capricorn woman may be keenly interested in rising to the top, but she’ll never be aggressive about it. She’ll seldom step on someone’s feet or nudge competitors away with her elbows. She’s quiet about her desires. She sits, waits, and watches. When an opening or opportunity does appear, she’ll latch onto it. For an on-the-move man, an ambitious Capricorn wife or lover can be quite an asset. She can probably give you some very good advice about business matters. When you invite the boss and his wife for dinner, she’ll charm them both.

The Capricorn woman is thorough in whatever she does: cooking, cleaning, making a success out of life. Capricorns are excellent hostesses as well as guests. Generally, they are beautifully mannered and gracious, no matter what their backgrounds are. They seem to have a built-in sense of what is proper. Crude behavior or a careless faux pas can offend them no end.

If you should marry a woman born under Capricorn you need never worry about her going on a wild shopping spree. Capricorns are careful with every cent that comes into their hands. They understand the value of money better than most women and have no room in their lives for careless spending.

Capricorn women are usually very devoted to family—their own, that is. With them, family ties run very deep. Don’t make jokes about her relatives; she won’t stand for it. You’d better check her family out before you get down on bended knee. After your marriage you’ll undoubtedly be seeing lots of her relatives.
The Capricorn mother is very ambitious for her children. She wants them to have every advantage and to benefit from things she perhaps lacked as a child. She will train her youngsters to be polite and kind and to honor traditional codes of conduct.