Libra: Love and Marriage

In matters of love and romance, Libra is without equal. They are well-informed on everything that has to do with romance. Love is essential to Libras because they are born under the love planet Venus. As sons and daughters of Venus, Libras are affectionate and gentle, truly considerate of their mate or lover.

At times, the Libra man or woman may be uncertain of their feelings. They may go through a series of love affairs before they really know what they are looking for in a mate. Libra is fickle. He or she can be quite passionate in a love affair, then some days later break it off or lose interest for no apparent reason. It is just one of Libra’s ways—difficult as it may be to understand.

Libra is easily attracted to members of the opposite sex and enjoys their company immensely. People find the Libra charm difficult to resist. Some people born under this seventh sign of the Zodiac are somewhat sentimental and are easily moved. This quality often appeals to their lovers or admirers. When Libras desire to transfer their affection, they usually do so with much tact and consideration.

Libras are often passionate lovers in spite of their calm and gentle ways. Their calm fronts often hide a hot temperament. When in love, they’ll forsake their usual lamb-like ways for those of a ram.

The Libra woman expects to be handled with kid gloves by the man who professes to love her. She enjoys small courtesies and enjoys having things done for her.

Libra people are generally quite well suited for marriage or permanent love relationships. Although they may go from one romance to the other quite easily, what they are always in search of is permanent union. They are quite domestic by nature and enjoy setting up house and attending to family affairs. Some of them marry quite young. Although they may not be faithful at all times, they are honest in their intention of being steadfast.

The Libra person enjoys home life. A place for entertaining and sharing the company of loved ones, the home is something special. Libra is usually a very considerate partner. A mate may find it a difficult task keeping up. Libra’s ease in social relationships is a quality that is rare to come by.

In spite of an occasional post-marital fling that they may find difficult to pass up from time to time, Libras shun all thoughts of divorce or separation. They do what they can to keep the marriage together and will try to keep serious faults under wraps. Libra is not likely to be open about indiscretions for fear of upsetting a mate and the relationship.