Libra: Home and Family

Home is important to the average Libra. It must be a place where they can relax and feel comfortable. It must radiate charm, beauty, and harmony. A popular person, the Libra man or woman loves to entertain. Nothing excites them more than company of good friends and acquaintances. Libra usually makes a good host. They know how to put guests at ease. People like to visit Libra because of their charming and easygoing ways.

The furnishings in a Libra’s home are usually of excellent taste. They like ornamental furnishings, things that are often a bit ostentatious. No Libra home is without its paintings or pieces of sculpture. The Libra woman or man is often excellent at interior decorating. They may have a habit of changing the interior of their house quite often.

The Libra person is refined in nature and is not fond of getting their hands soiled. They would rather leave the rough tasks for others to do. If they have enough money, they’ll see to it that someone comes to the house several times a week to clean up. There are always flowers and plants in the Libra home. In general, they are fond of light gardening.

There is usually a definite relationship between the Libra woman and her home. It usually complements or supplements her charm and personality.

The person born under Libra is generally a good parent. He or she does what they can to bring up youngsters properly. Libra never tries to influence the children unnecessarily. Libra lets them develop along natural lines, never forcing them into a mold he or she has designed. One thing a Libra respects in a child is originality and individuality.

The Libra parent is far from strict, yet the children seldom turn out spoiled. The Libra mother or father will correct or punish whenever it is absolutely necessary. Most of the time, the children listen to them because of their calm sure way. Kids have faith in their Libra parent and usually respect their judgment.

Children like being with Libra adults because in them they have a sympathetic friend— someone who can understand their point of view.

Libras as children are often happy and friendly. Parents find them ideal because they are so agreeable and cooperative. They never challenge their parents’ authority and do what is expected of them most of the time.

Libra children are often creative. Whenever they show signs of artistic ability, they should be encouraged. Some of them are great day dreamers at school and have to be encouraged and inspired in order to do their best.