Libra Health

Libras are generally well-groomed and graceful. Their features, for the most part, are small. They are interested in maintaining good health and would never do anything that might encourage illness— even in a slight way.

Quite often the man or woman born under this sign is not terribly vigorous and may require lots of rest in order to feel fit. Although they may never say no to a social obligation, Libra often tires quickly as a result of socializing. If they do not have proper rest, they are easily irritated.

Still, Libra is built well and strongly. In spite of this, they are not what you could really call strong. Their resistance is not always what it should be; they can catch colds easily.

Still, they have remarkable powers of recovery and do not stay out of commission for very long. In spite of the fact that Libra is delicate, they are surprisingly resilient.

The weakest points of a Libra’s body are the kidneys, spine, and loins. When they do fall ill, one of these three points is often affected.

Libra women are often remarkably beautiful. They seldom have problems attracting the opposite sex. Their voices are generally soft and their eyes lively.

Even though the Libra man may not look terribly strong, he is often capable of handling work that would exhaust someone who is bigger or seemingly more vigorous.

Libras become somewhat out of sorts when ill. Being sick tends to make them finicky and ill-humored. They like sympathy when in this condition. When their whims are not satisfied, they may complain about being neglected or unloved.