Libra Character Analysis

People born under the sign of Libra are generally quite kind and sympathetic. They dislike seeing others suffer and do what they can to help those in dire straits. Another outstanding characteristic of a Libra is love of harmony and beauty. They generally have a deep appreciation for all forms of art. Libra only feels comfortable in places that radiate harmony and beauty. They are often willing to sacrifice to make their environment suit their tastes.
Libras like people. They are often afraid of being alone. They love company. Others like them for their charm and gentle ways. They are happiest when with others. A Libra alone is likely to fall into a depressed state easily. Being with others helps them to keep their spirits up even during difficult moments. A Libra rarely goes through life alone. They need permanent and reliable relationships. Often they marry early in life.
Libra has a kind and gentle nature. They would never go out of their way to hurt someone. Libra is considerate of others feelings. They will always keep up their end of a bargain. He or she is cooperative and courteous—sometimes to a fault.
The Libra man or woman is someone who is constantly weighing both sides of a problem. This characteristic is represented by the Scales, which is the zodiacal symbol for Libra. Libras are difficult people to satisfy. They want to make sure they are right in all the decisions they make. They may take a long time before coming to a decision. They may even change their minds several times in the process of weighing the pros and cons.
Balance is central to the Libra man or woman, just as balance typifies the function of the Scales. Outwardly Libra remains calm and intelligent in order to present the face of harmony, while inwardly he or she is mulling over the consequences of a proposed action. Libra’s interest in harmony extends to social and business relationships. These individuals seldom hold a grudge. They put unpleasant things out of mind. Libra easily forgives and forgets.
Both men and women born under this sign are a bit soft in their dispositions. Sometimes others take advantage of this. The Libra person searches for a world where all things are beautiful and well-balanced—a place where harmony reigns. Because such a search would be useless in the real world, Libra takes refuge in daydreaming and flights of fancy. The harshness they might meet in life makes them unhappy. They may have an intricate fantasy world where they retreat when the going gets too rough.
Libra is gentle and easygoing. They seldom go where they know they are not wanted. Their interest in beauty and art leads them along the less troublesome and conflicting roads of life.
Libra can often achieve what he wants through friendly persuasion. Because of his calm, others often find him a port in a storm. He will tell people what he knows they want to hear in order to bolster their confidence and to avoid unpleasantness. He is tactful and knows how to use his gentleness to his own advantage. People may try to take advantage of him, but when he has his wits about him, this is rather difficult. Even when others think they see through him, they find him a difficult nut to crack. He is so strong in his ways of persuasion that he is almost never undermined.
The Libra man or woman is even-tempered generally, but can flare up when cornered. Still and all, they cool off quite rapidly and are willing to let bygones be bygones. Libra understands others quite deeply because of his sympathetic nature; it is quite easy for him to put himself in another’s place. He is considerate of other people’s opinions no matter how wrong they may seem.
Libra is fair-minded. He dislikes it when someone is mistreated or cheated out of a chance that is rightfully his. Injustice infuriates him. In all matters, he tries to make the right decision. He may take his time about coming to a conclusion.
In most social affairs, Libra is quite popular and charming. People like Libras because of their pleasant, easygoing ways. Most Libras have a lot of friends. All kinds of people attract Libra. They seldom make preferences on a superficial basis.
Harmony plays an important part in the life of every Libra. He or she will try to preserve it at all costs. Harsh realities disturb the Libra man or woman so at times they are given to lying in order to preserve peace and harmony.