Leo Woman Scorpio Man

Many people have a hard time understanding a man born under the sign of Scorpio. Few, however, are able to resist his magnetic charm.
When angered, he can act like an overturned wasps’ nest; his sting is capable of leaving an almost permanent mark. If you find yourself interested in a man born under this sign, you’d better learn how to keep on the good side of him. If he’s in love with you, you’ll know about it. Scorpio men let no one get in their way when they are out to win a certain heart. When it comes to romance, they never take no for an answer.
The Scorpio man can be quite blunt when he chooses. At times, he’ll strike you as being a brute. His touchiness may get on your nerves after a while. If it does, you’d better tiptoe away from the scene rather than chance an explosive confrontation. He’s capable of a firestorm of emotion that drives even fiery Leo away.
You’re the kind of woman who can put up with almost anything once you put your mind and heart to it. A stormy Scorpio relationship may be worth its ups and downs. Scorpio men are all quite perceptive and intelligent. In some respects, they know how to use their brains more effectively than others. They believe in winning in whatever they do. And in business, they usually achieve the position they want through drive and intellect.
He doesn’t give a hoot for home life, generally. He doesn’t like being tied down. He would rather be out on the battlefield of life, belting away at what he feels is a just and worthy cause.
Many women are easily attracted to him. You are perhaps no exception. Know what you’re getting into before you go making any promises to him. Women who allow themselves to be swept off their feet by a Scorpio man soon find that they’re dealing with a pepper pot of seething excitement. He’s passion with a capital P, make no mistake about that.
Scorpios are straight to the point. They can be as sharp as a razor blade and just as cutting. Don’t give him cause to find fault with you, and you’ll do just fine.
If you decide to marry him and take the bitter with the sweet, prepare yourself for a challenging relationship. Chances are you won’t have as much time for your own interests as you’d like. Your Scorpio man may keep you at his beck and call.
In spite of the extremes in his personality, the Scorpio man is able to transform conflicting characteristics when he becomes a father. He is adept with difficult youngsters because he knows how to tap the best in a child.