Leo Woman Aquarius Man

Aquarius individuals love everybody—even their worst enemies, sometimes. Through your relationship with an Aquarius man, you’ll find yourself running into all sorts of people, ranging from near-genius to downright insane—and they’re all friends of his.
As a rule, Aquarius are extremely friendly and open. Of all the signs of the Zodiac, they are perhaps the most tolerant. In the thinking department, they are often miles ahead of others.
You’ll most likely find your relationship with this man a challenging one. Your high respect for intelligence and imagination may be reason enough for you to settle your heart on a Water Bearer. You’ll find that you can learn a lot from him.
In the holding-hands phase of your romance, you may find that your Water Bearer friend has cold feet. Aquarius take quite a bit of warming up before they are ready to come across with that first goodnight kiss. More than likely, he’ll just want to be your pal in the beginning. For him, that’s an important first step in any relationship—love, included.
The poetry and flowers stage—if it ever comes—will be later. The Aquarius is all heart. Still, when it comes to tying himself down to one person and for keeps, he is apt to hesitate. He may even try to get out of it if you breathe down his neck too heavily.
The Aquarius man is no Valentino and wouldn’t want to be. The kind of love life he’s looking for is one that’s made up mainly for companionship. Although he may not be very romantic, the memory of his firslrromance will always hold an important position in his heart. Sometimes Aquarius wind up marrying their childhood sweethearts.
You won’t find it difficult to look up to a man born under the sign of the Water Bearer. But you may find the challenge of trying to keep up with him dizzying. He can pierce through the most complicated problem as if it were a simple math puzzle. You may find him a little too lofty and high-minded—but don’t judge him too harshly if that’s the case; he’s way ahead of his time—your time, too, most likely.
If you marry this man, he’ll stay true to you. Don’t think that once the honeymoon is over, you’ll be chained to the kitchen sink forever. Your Aquarius husband will encourage you to keep active in your own interests and affairs. You’ll most likely have a minor tiff now and again but never anything serious.
The Aquarius father can be a shining example for the children because he sees them as individuals in their own right, not as extensions of himself. Kids love him and vice versa. He’ll be as tolerant with them as he is with adults.