Leo Social Relationships

Leo people have no trouble making friends. People seem to gravitate to them. It is unusual for someone born under this sign not to be popular. They are warm, friendly, and considerate. People like them because of their sure, authoritative ways. Leo people know how to keep the friends they make. They are outgoing, open, and helpful. They never refuse someone in real need.
They usually have what is popularly known as “personality’.’They are never dull or retiring people. They are always out front where they can easily be seen. They like having a rich and active social life. Sometimes they make considerable gains in their business affairs through social activities. For them, business and pleasure can mix. They are never short of important contacts.
Those who love Leos accept their leadership without having any qualms. They trust Leos’ good judgment and their ability to regulate things.
Leo is tremendously loyal to true friends, so firm friendships may last a lifetime. But a problem can arise in finding true friends. Because Leos believe everyone is as noble as they are, a naive belief at best, they often immediately claim an associate or casual acquaintance as a friend. The trouble begins when the person does not live up to Leo’s expectations of what a friend should be.
Such disappointing experiences prove to be useful lessons for the young Lion. As they mature, and as a defense against hurt or betrayal, Leos will maintain a measure of aloofness in many of their personal relationships. For that reason, many Leo men and women have few really intimate friends or close confidantes. Leo likes to mix with people, but he or she may feel it necessary to keep some distance.
The Lion’s desire to win in any situation makes for a very competitive personality. This basic competitive nature sometimes interferes with an ability to get along with teammates. Also, many people who are peers and might become good friends may be regarded as rivals on any playing field. Of course, Leos are just as likely to compliment a worthy rival as to criticize a weak and undeserving one.
But Leo is all heart. Leo is deeply sympathetic with anyone who is perceived to lack the advantages. Leos go out of their way to nurture, aid, and lead this person to a richer, fuller life. Some of Leo’s friends are those unfortunates who need a helping hand. Family members or associates may pick on Leo for such unconventional choices. But a generosity of spirit rises above what Leos consider to be petty considerations of wealth, class, and rank.