Leo Occupation (1)

The person born under Leo sign usually does well in a position where he has to deal with the public. He knows how to be persuasive in his argument. Others seldom have reason to doubt his word, for he is usually sure of what he has to say. A Leo person is likely to do well in any kind of business where he is given an opportunity to make use of his managerial skills. Politics is another area where the man or woman born under the sign of the Lion is apt to do quite well.
As was mentioned before, many Leos seem to be natural-born actors. They have convincing ease when on the stage. They know how to immerse themselves completely in a dramatic role. They do well in almost any kind of creative work. They have the soul of an artist or poet. In whatever field he enters—theater, art, politics, advertising, or industrial management—the Lion or Lioness will do what they can to occupy the top position. If they do not have it in the beginning, you can be sure they are working toward it.
The Leo person is far from being stingy. He loves entertaining his friends and relatives in a royal manner. Generous, sometimes to a fault, he is far from being careless with his money. He has a deep-hidden fear of being poor. He’ll do what he can to protect his interests. The Leo man or woman is generally fortunate enough to occupy a position that pays well. If he earns a lot, he is apt to spend a lot. He does not like to have to count pennies. Luxurious surroundings give him the feeling of success. Money is seldom a problem to the wise Leo man or woman. Some of them wind up considerably well-off early in life. They usually don’t mind taking chances with their finances. Quite often they are lucky in speculation or gambling.
If Leo feels that someone is in serious financial trouble, he does not mind helping out. He is generous and good-hearted when it comes to lending money. But he doesn’t like to be taken advantage of. If someone makes unnecessary demands of him financially, he is apt to become disagreeable.
Leo likes to treat the people he cares for and to give them presents. The gifts he gives are usually expensive and in good taste. He likes to please others—to make them grateful for the gifts he has given them. He likes others to think well of him and that is perhaps why he is eager to give presents. He likes to be the one others turn to when in trouble or lean on for support.
A show of wealth makes Leo men or women feel important. The cultivated Leo sees to it that their extravagance never becomes unreasonable or unbearable.