Leo Man Taurus Woman

The woman born under the sign of Taurus may lack a little of the sparkle and bubble you often like to find in a woman. The Taurus woman is generally down to earth and never flighty. It’s important to her that she keep both feet flat on the ground. She is not fond of bounding all over the place, especially if she’s under the impression that there’s no profit in it. On the other hand, if you hit it off with a Taurus woman, you won’t be disappointed at all in the romance area. The Taurus woman is all woman and proud of it, too. She can be very devoted and loving once she decides that her relationship with you is no fly-by-night romance. Basically, she’s a passionate person. In sex, she’s direct and to the point. If she really loves you, she’ll let you know she’s yours—and without reservations. Better not flirt with other women once you’ve committed yourself to her. She is capable of being jealous and possessive.
She’ll stick by you through thick and thin. It’s almost certain that if the going ever gets rough, she’ll not go running home to her mother. She can adjust to hard times just as graciously as she can to the good times.
Taurus are, on the whole, pretty even-tempered. They like to be treated with kindness. Pretty things and soft things make them purr like kittens.
You may find her a little slow and deliberate. She likes to be safe and sure about everything. Let her plod along if she likes; don’t coax her but just let her take her own sweet time. Everything she does is done thoroughly and, generally, without mistakes. Don’t deride her for being a kind of slowpoke. It could lead to flying pots and pans and a fireworks display that would light up the sky. The Taurus woman doesn’t anger readily but when prodded often enough, she’s capable of letting loose with a cyclone of ill will. If you treat her with kindness and consideration, you’ll have no cause for complaint.
The Taurus woman loves doing things for her man. She’s a whiz in the kitchen and can whip up feasts fit for a king if she thinks they’ll be royally appreciated. She may not fully understand you, but she’ll adore you and be faithful to you if she feels you’re worthy of it.
The woman born under Taurus will make a wonderful mother. She knows how to keep her children well-loved, cuddled, and warm. She may find them difficult to manage, however, when they reach the teenage stage.