Leo Love and Marriage

Leo is the sign of life and love of life. Leo is also the sign of pleasure and of children. Love together with love of life linked in the union of two loving individuals is the basis for pleasure and children. The supreme force of love motivates the Lion or Lioness in every aspect of living. But Leo’s love is not strictly sexual nor earthily sensual nor purely mental. Leo’s love embraces each kind yet extends to the romantic, idealistic, unrestrained, universal love that sustains all of humankind.
Because of love’s impelling force, it can hardly be said that Leo men and women are cool, easygoing lovers. Quite the contrary! Most Lions are incredibly impulsive, even unpredictable, in affairs of the heart—and as a result Leos are very vulnerable.
With their intense emotionality, Leos are apt to get carried away in love. They throw caution to the winds. They take all kinds of risks in order to win someone they are chasing. When amorous and ardent, Leos may lose all sense of what is wrong and what is right.
Leos are sentimental and easily moved. Every love affair is serious to them. They may flirt from time to time, but when earnest in love they do what they can to make it permanent.
A Leo is very affectionate by nature and he displays this in private. He or she is not fond of being demonstrative in public places. Somehow Leo feels this is undignified. Love and affection should be kept between two people in private.
When in love, Leos are faithful. They do not believe in cheating. Constancy is important to the Lion and Lioness. But if a lover cheats, Leo cannot endure such unhappiness even long enough to resolve what might be only a testing situation. Leo quickly switches interest to another potential mate and wholeheartedly resumes the chase. The same is true of unrequited love. If the adored one is not responding, Leo doesn’t hang around acting like a pest. He or she eagerly looks for another beloved on whom to lavish attention and affection.
Generally, Leo individuals are attractive and are never at a loss for company. The opposite sex falls under the charm of a Leo person quite easily.
When looking for a permanent mate, the wise and cultivated Leo chooses someone who is not jealous or possessive—someone who won’t suspect him of infidelity if he finds someone else attractive and is quite frank about it.