Leo Health

The Leo person is generally well built. He is a sturdy person, capable of taking a lot of stress and strain if necessary. Still, he may take on more than he can manage from time to time, and this is likely to exhaust him physically. He enjoys challenge, however, and finds it difficult to turn down a proposition which gives him a chance to demonstrate his worth—even if it is beyond his real capabilities.
Although he is basically an active person, he does have his limits. If he refuses to recognize them, he may become the victim of a nervous disorder. Some people born under this sign are fond of keeping late hours, especially in pursuit of pleasure or of fame. They can keep this up for some time, but in the end it does have a telling effect on their health. People born under this sign often wear themselves out by going from one extreme to the other.
The weak parts of the Leo are his spine and heart. He should see to it that he does nothing that might affect these areas of his body. In many instances, the Leo has to restrain himself in order to protect his health. Heart disease or rheumatic fever sometimes strikes people born under this sign. In spite of this, the Leo generally has a strong resistance to disease. His constitution is good. Whenever he does fall ill, he generally recovers rather quickly. The Leo man or woman cannot stand being sick. He has to be up and around; lying in bed is quite bothersome for him.
On the whole, Leo is a brave person. However, he may have to learn the art of being physically courageous. This is generally not one of his natural attributes. When physical dangers threaten, he may be somewhat paralyzed by fear. But intellectually Leo is fearless. If ideas or principles are at stake he is not afraid to stand up and let others know his opinion.
The Leo man or woman has a deep love of life. He can be quite pleasure-oriented. He likes the good things that life has to offer. Sometimes he is overenthusiastic in his approach to things, and as a result accidents occur. Under certain conditions he may take chances that others wouldn’t. It is important that the person born as a Lion or Lioness learn how to curb impulsiveness, as often it works against him.
Even when they become older, Leo people remain energetic. Their zest for life never dies. They can prolong their lives by avoiding excesses in drinking or by adopting a balanced and moderate lifestyle.