Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter being in his fall in Capricorn, the earthy qualities of the sign detract from the buoyancy and good humor of the planet and tend to freeze the genial currents of the soul. The mind is more serious and less hopeful than is usual with Jupiter ; and, while the position may incline the nature to philosophy and contempplative learning, the religious instincts, though serious, are not always orthodox. Jupiter badly aspected may become the demon of debauch. This is evidently the case with Michael Angelo and Oscar Wilde, in both of which cases the legend of Ganymede may be remembered. Wilde’s Jupiter is squared by the Sun, which is apt to make its influence loose and gross, and the trine of Uranus and sextile of Neptune can give no counterbalance to such impulses, for these rather tend to accentuate so-called perversions. Jupiter, too, is in the house of pleasures, allowing the full development of the sensual side of his nature; and we have seen that Venus in Libra tends to strange refinements of the sex life. It is, taking it altogether, a most unfortunate position. Michael Angelo, though “immoral” in just the same way as Wilde, has Mercury and Venus sextile to Jupiter on one side and the Moon and Uranus on the other. But the opposition of Saturn steadies this combination and Jupiter is in the eleventh house which does not allow such loose rein to these impulses as the fifth house. We have one great visionary, Swedenborg, with this position of Jupiter, and the material character of his visions is no doubt due to this. No man ever went so far in bringing angels to earth; his heaven is as objective as that of the orthodox Christian; indeed, more so, because it is more detailed. No man was ever less mystic in the true sense of the word, or held together more firmly the bonds of spirit and matter. Uranus, in conjunction with the Moon, is trine to Jupiter ; and here the Moon stands for materiality, while Uranus gives the illumination and the originality. A touch of the fleshly may be conferred by Venus rising twelve degrees above Jupiter, who, as the Lord of the Ascendant, is certainly the key of the complex. It is extremely interesting to observe through such cases, how, in every complex, the key dominates the entire configuration on the large scale, and yet how every single aspect insists upon achieving its own special signification. The position gives a curiously paradoxical combination of economy and extravagance; the native being apt to be parsimonious in small matters and to spend liberally in large amounts. Many successful merchants and manufacturers are found with this position; and, of course Capricorn endows Jupiter with fortunate influences in any occupation connected with the earth.

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