Jupiter in Cancer

In Cancer, Jupiter is in the house his exaltation; and that sign being above all a symbol of pleasure, we may naturally expect that it will bring out the truly jovial qualities of the planet. This is undoubtedly the case; the native is good-humored, benevolent, and humane; the emotional nature and the imagination are strong; but the pleasantest qualities are more evident in the nativities of private persons than in those of the great. In these there will nearly always be a counterbalance, or life would be dissipated into mere pleasure. These tendencies are well illustrated in William Shakespeare, whose Jupiter in the eleventh house is decidedly stronger than the Saturn with whom he is conjoined. There is a fairly close square, too, of the gun and the Moon ; and the result is the regrettable weakness of character which we still deplore. It is really Venus and Neptune in the tenth house that dominate the horoscope, and these have a semi-sextile aspect of Mars, and a sextile aspect of Jupiter and Saturn, and the Sun and the Moon semi-sextile on the other side from Mars. Uranus is in opposition toJSTeptune. Here, then, is a marvellous complex; even Mercury is near enough to the trine of Uranus to allow us to say that in this nativity, all nine planets are in aspect. To dissociate Jupiter and isolate his influence, is therefore no easy task. One sees the poet yielding to jollity and boon companionship; he has no strong religious feeling in the ordinary sense of the word, and little humanitarianism. But with Uranus square to Neptune culminating, all personal characteristics fall into the background. The problem of Shakespeare is the problem of genius. Let us look at the Jupiter of three strong, self-centered men, Cromwell, Jay Gould, and Joseph Chamberlain, and of one weak, selfish man, James II. Cromwell has the Sun and Mercury sextile to Jupiter, the one bringing out the material qualities, the other assisting these by strengthening the intelligence. The Moon, too, is sextile to Jupiter on the other side, and Saturn is square. The last of these aspects removes the last trace of religious or philanthropic development from Jupiter; moreover, Uranus rising and trined by Neptune, is the most powerful planet of the horoscope, especially as Mars is above him. Jay Gould has Jupiter in conjunction with Venus, which turns the self-indulgence shown by Cancer Into love of money, and of course implies great luck in getting hold of it. There are no good aspects. Chamberlain has Saturn square, with the usual effects, as noted above with Cromwell. James II has Uranus square to Jupiter., and the Moon semi-sextile. This is weakness. Jupiter is lord of the ninth house; so we find, as we should expect, religious bigotry, the affliction by Uranus denying illumination. Still more unhappy was Dreyfus. Here Jupiter is strong with Neptune and the Moon trine, and Saturn semi-sextile, while Mars is close to a sextile on the other side. But the Sun, Venus, and Mercury are square; the material aspects threaten. It is a cramped position. Dr. Zamenhof, with his benevolent idea5 should have a strong Jupiter ; and, indeed, the planet has a semi-sextile of the Moon and Saturn and a trine of Neptune. But these are not strong enough to carry the idea to a successful accomplishment; for this, Uranus and Mercury should have cooperated; had they done so, we might indeed have had a “universal language” that would have commended itself to the world. John Bright, one of the really fine religious and humanitarian types of the Victorian era, has Jupiter just above the Ascendant; and, as he is the only planet in the east, this gives a singular importance. In everyday life, the native who has Jupiter in Cancer is imaginative and intuitional, sometimes with inclinations for psychism or other mysteries. The position gives excellent aptitude for moneymaking and the ability to hold money after it has been acquired. He is likely to travel much by water, but is fond of home and is apt to find himself very closely bound by affection to his mother.

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