Inner and Outer Planets

The planets orbit the sun at different speeds. The closer a planet is to the sun, the faster it completes its orbit. The Moon, for example, travels through the Zodiac every twenty-eight days and takes two or three days to move through each sign.
Mercury orbits the sun every eighty-eight days. Pluto, the planet farthest from the sun, completes its orbit every 248 years. The fastest planets — the Moon, the Mercury, Venus, and Mars — are known as the inner planets.
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are known as the outer planets.
The inner planets are thought to represent the personal because they are related to the development of our individual, conscious selves.
The outer planets have to do with the world outside ourselves.
Since the outer planets move through the Zodiac much more slowly, their influence often affects whole generations.
The luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, also possess qualities that transcend the self.
The Sun not only represents our selves, but also the fundamental energy of the cosmos. The Moon, which has to do with our emotions and our most intimate desires, is connected with what astrologer Robert Hand referred to as the ultimate origin of individuality.

Characteristics of the Planets