Horse 2019

Couple and Affective Bonds

The year of the Horse is not precisely pacific for these people’s love life. Emotions —both pleasant and unpleasant ones— will be running very high in reaction to the slightest incitement. Competitiveness in the couple, as a destructive posture, must be detected in time and replaced with a mind for comradeship and mutual admiration. In periods of emotional unrest, the best course of action will be to spend some time alone so as to relax and meditate. People will parade across their lives just too quickly; because of that, Horses will need to clear their minds as regards what they can really expect from them, so as not to feel disappointed.


At times, Horses will feel in a hurry to speed things up and fulfill some long-standing goals. If they get rid of their anxiety, they will be able to associate or to relate to economically solvent people, or to persons that will give them resources for starting up viable undertakings.
To gain more stability in this year, being with calm and honest people will be crucial. They will provide emotional balance for the Horse to make correct and unhurried decisions. This year will be marked by the need of making a wise use of time; income will be stable.


Horses are strong and energetic; enjoy good health and are prone to take advantage of their vitality, pushing themselves both physically and energetically. Vulnerable areas include muscles, limbs, and back. People born under this sign have a dynamism and sensitivity than sometimes may result in anxiety disorders, which may impact on their respiratory and digestive systems. They are prone to falls and fractures. They have a tendency to absorb and take responsibility for other people’s problems, until coming apart at the seams and displaying irascible or phobic reactions. Main challenge lies in acquiring emotional intelligence, useful to manage their strong emotions and impulses wisely.

Quality of Life

The year of the Horse poses the challenge of developing social skills such as patience and leadership but in a moderate and rational way, rather than in the impulsive and sensuous manner that is inbred in this sign. It is important to look for a spiritual guide in order to successfully channel their many spiritual concerns. Hobbies including plants, and wood and metal crafts will be very adequate to harness Yang energy. As regards food, citrus fruits, greens, and seeds are advisable, as well as eating slowly.