Horse 2016

The Year of the Monkey starts on 8 February 2016 and is one which will suit the Horse personality. The Horse likes things to happen quickly, and in the Monkey year they will. This will be a year in which the Horse can go ahead with his plans and ideas.
In his work the Horse can make great strides. Not only will he benefit from his hard work and the skills he has acquired in the preceding Goat year, but some exciting opportunities will also become available. In some cases, the Horse’s high standing in his current organization will make him an ideal candidate for promotion or lead him to become involved in more rewarding duties. Opportunities will certainly beckon and will enable the Horse to take several rungs up the career ladder.
While some Horses will make important progress with their present employer, there will be those who will feel the time is right for a new challenge. For those who may feel they have done all they can in their existing post, who consider themselves in a rut or who are seeking work, again the Monkey year will provide some exciting possibilities. By considering the type of work they would now like to do and going after suitable openings, many Horses will be successful in securing a position which offers them the chance to extend their skills and find a greater fulfilment in what they do. For interesting work developments February, May, June and October are well aspected.
The Horse’s progress at work will also lead to a welcome increase in his income. However, while money may flow into his accounts, it could flow out again all too easily. The Horse will be eager to carry out many plans which entail considerable expense and he could also find certain indulgences hard to resist. In many instances he will be pleased with his acquisitions, especially those which add to the comfort and decor of his home.
He will also enjoy any holidays and breaks he takes, as well as spending money on recreational pursuits, but in some cases a little more moderation would not come amiss. Also, the Horse could find it to his advantage to set funds aside for specific requirements. By controlling his money, he will not only be able to improve his overall position but also appreciate his purchases that much more.
Also, a word of warning does need to be sounded about any risks or speculative ventures the Horse may be considering. Although this may be a generally favourable year, the Horse should still be wary of getting involved in any matter he has not investigated or does not understand properly. Without care, he could fall victim to one of the Monkey’s scams and end up the loser.
Horses, take note, and in important financial matters do tread carefully.
With this being a year for so much activity, some Horses will decide to move and, though the moving process will take up much time, once installed in their new home they will often feel invigorated by the change. Not only will their new accommodation suit their requirements better, but it can represent a new beginning and new possibilities as well as giving them more amenities to enjoy.
The Horse’s relations with others are favourably aspected and over the year he will find himself much in demand. In his home life he will take pleasure in many of the shared activities and also in encouraging the progress of others. His willingness to contribute so much to family life really will be appreciated. Overall, this will be a busy but good year domestically, and by spending time with those important to him, the Horse will find this a rewarding aspect of his life.
With his outgoing nature the Horse also values his social life, and the Monkey year offers much activity and fun. Not only will the Horse enjoy the company of his close band of friends but by taking part in activities he enjoys and going to events that appeal to him, he will also
enjoy many pleasurable occasions. For any Horse who may start the year in low spirits, the Monkey year can usher in some brighter times, with the chance of new friendships and, for some, significant romance. As far as his personal relations are concerned, the Horse will be in excellent form. April, June, September and December could be particularly busy.
With the Horse being involved in so much over the year, he does, though, need to keep an eye on his own well- being. If he does not get much exercise he should try to make up for this with some extra walking or by cycling, swimming or some other suitable activity. Similarly, if he is reliant on convenience foods, switching to a more balanced diet could make a difference. By getting medical advice on the best way to proceed he will find he can improve both his level of fitness and his lifestyle. Giving consideration to his well-being really would be to his advantage over the year.
Overall, the active nature of the Monkey year will suit the Horse. In his work there will be opportunities to progress and he will particularly appreciate the chances to develop his skills in a more satisfying way. His personal life too will be busy but rewarding, with family, friends and, for some, romance and a more active social life meaning a great deal.

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