Horoscope Virgo September 2021

Predictions Virgo September 2021

Though health is super all month, take a reduced schedule from the 4th to the 7th. A powerful Lunar Eclipse occurs on the angles of your chart, indicating its unusual significance for you. The rule is, if you don’t absolutely have to do something, then don’t, reschedule it for another time.
Spend the time close to home, reading, relaxing, watching TV or meditating.
Though you have been biding your time on the love front, giving a current relationship time to reveal its true nature, the Eclipse is going to force your hand one way or another.
Fence-straddling will become difficult. In a way this is good, because the events that the eclipse brings into your life will make decision-making much easier.
Things will be very clear. Having said this, many of you will announce a marriage this period. The eclipse signals a change in marital status.
Though there are complications in love this month, you are personally attractive, glamorous and charismatic. Much more so than usual. You dress with flair and style. Your personal aesthetics are sharper. You move with more grace. Your self-confidence and self-esteem are strong.
You project (and work to project) the perfect body and perfect image. Your appeal to the opposite sex has seldom been stronger.
The short-term planets are now firmly in the Eastern sector of your Horoscope, indicating greater freedom and independence. You can have things your way now, and if others don’t go along you will go off on your own.
Earning power is also strong this month. Career issues have been straightened out by now and you are making good forward progress.
It’s OK to indulge in a little tactful self-advertising to get that pay rise or promotion. Elders, bosses and superiors are kindly disposed to you. Your Money Planet moving through your own Sign of Virgo shows that you are earning money on your own terms, that you are investing in yourself, in clothing and accessories, that money is earned through a positive personal appearance and that you have all the money you need right where you are. You don’t need to chase after financial opportunities; instead they are rather chasing after you.

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