Horoscope Virgo October 2021

Predictions Virgo October 2021

The short-term planets are still in your Eastern sector (the sector of the self), and Mars moves into your own Sign after the 7th. You are uncharacteristically aggressive and self- assertive.
Though power struggles should always be a last resort, if you must engage in one, this is the time. Those of you involved with Virgos romantically or in other ways should back off now – this is not the time to tangle with them. Push ahead boldly towards your personal goals, Virgo. You can make them happen now.
Mars in your 1st House all month gives you vim, vigour, energy and sex appeal. You excel in athletics and exercise regimes. You are unusually courageous and adventurous – almost swashbuckling. Erotic desires are more intense. Your temper is on a hair trigger and you don’t suffer fools gladly. Your critical tongue is especially devastating this month – use it only when you have to. You don’t know your own strength.
Those of you contemplating plastic surgery or other forms of surgery should get a second opinion. This would be a good month to lose weight or engage in detox regimes.
Be especially patient with family members this month – the family situation looks volatile and stormy. This is not a particularly great period for big family get-togethers.
Finances are strong. Those looking for outside capital or investors enjoy good success. Only be careful about ceding too much control to them. Investors and lenders are seeking you, not vice versa. Taking on too much debt, rather than lack of access, could be the problem. Career success is measured in pounds and pence rather than position and prestige right now.
Elders, bosses and superiors are supportive of financial goals. Your financial intuition is strong and reliable. Dreams have financial implications. Investors see their portfolios increase. There is increased trading activity and profit from short-term market fluctuations. The Moon on the 20th is also helping you financially, as it brings new information and clarity on current issues.
Love is improving this month, but your love life really shines after the 23rd.

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